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A New Tool in Insect Resistance Management

There is no known insect resistance to Heligen anywhere in the world



Novel, Safe and Effective

Heligen® is a virus based biological insecticide to manage corn earworm



There are no known cases of resistance to NPV-based insecticides anywhere in the world. Heligen® can be used early in IPM as a tank mix or standalone application to control populations resistant to synthetic chemistry.


Because of the favorable cost of  Heligen® per acre, it can be applied early to reduce damage incurred prior to the diamide economic injury level and threshold. This protects yield and increases profit.


Heligen® is OMRI-Certified Organic. It leaves no lasting residue after application and poses no negative environmental or ecological impact. Heligen® is also safe on beneficial insects.

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For nearly 20 years, AgBiTech has been on a mission to make pest management more sustainable and farming more profitable. As the world’s leading producer of NPV-based insecticides, we apply our expertise in research, field development and state-of-the art manufacturing to bring our solutions to major row crops around the world.


“The efficacy of NPV will be a major factor in dealing with some of the hard-to-control pest in major row crops”

Gus Lorenz, University of Arkansas


“Heligen offers consultants a new option for controlling corn earworms in soybeans. Having a virus to add to our insecticide rotation will be crucial in preserving the chemistries we are currently using. Not only is Heligen IPM friendly, it is also economical compared to other options. I like to time applications of Heligen to small worms at half threshold.”

Hank Jones, RHJ Ag Services – Winnsboro, LA


“As growers are having to deal with resistant weed, disease and insect pest in their crops, Heligen gives us another tool to battle resistance with corn earworm. We use Heligen early season before corn earworm populations build significantly. It gives us improved control over pyrethroids and is much more economical than other options.”

Ashley Peters, Peters Crop Consulting – Crowville, LA

TESTIMONIAL-Matthew Guedon

“I recommend Heligen to my growers because it’s an effective and inexpensive way to control soybean podworm. If applied at the right time, under the right conditions, it can provide long-lasting control that keeps soybean podworm from reaching economic threshold.”

Matthew Guedon, Crop Consultant – Natchez, MS


“Heligen, a virus, has worked well to control corn earworms in soybean when used correctly. It’s an economical option, however, should be used more proactively than the other insecticides, primarily when larvae are small. I suggest using this product in high risk soybean fields when small larvae are being found.”

Scott Stewart, University of Tennessee


“Heligen is not like other insecticides. This potent biological insecticide is derived from a naturally occurring baculovirus that is specific to bollworm and budworm. Heligen’ s insect selectivity makes it an excellent addition into an IPM program for many Midsouth field crops.”

Sebe Brown, Louisiana State University

Helicoverpa NPV is widely recommended by:

Gus Lorenz, Distinguished Professor

Department Head & Extension Entomologist 
University of Arkansas

Sebe Brown

Extension Entomologist
Louisiana State University

Angus Catchot, Extension Professor

Row Crop Entomology
Mississippi State University

Scott Stewart

Entomology & Plant Pathology
University of Tennessee

Where to buy Heligen®

Our products are widely available through national Ag distributors and local Ag retailers in all areas where Corn Earworm (CEW) pressure is high.

14401 Sovereign Road Ste. 111
Fort Worth, TX 76155
(817) 799-4422

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