Why Use Heligen®

The new, safe and effective option
for controlling corn earworm

Heligen® is a valuable addition to your IPM program

Heligen® is a nucleopolyhedrovirus (NPV)-based biological insecticide designed to selectively control corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea). Heligen® offers significant advantages over synthetic chemicals:

  • Economical application at first appearance of Corn Earworm

    This reduces yield-limiting damage and helps manage populations throughout the season versus using a reactive, rescue approach.

  • Complete safety to the environment and applicators

    Heligen® is an OMRl-certified organic insecticide. It is highly selective, thus allowing valuable beneficial arthropods to build up crop and work to suppress secondary insect infestations, such as sugar cane aphids.

  • Unique Mode of Action (IRAC Group 31)

    This makes Heligen® the perfect tank-mix or standalone application to control populations resistant to chemical insecticides. There are no known cases of resistance to NPV-based insecticides anywhere in the world.

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Proven to be effective for the following crops

Other crops include: corn, d mattis iaculis, sapien quam feugiat justo, rhond mattis iaculis, sapien quam


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