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Why Use Heligen® on Peanuts?

The new, safe and effective option
for controlling corn earworm


Using Heligen® proactively, at first appearance reduces pod damage and the likelihood of having to spray multiple insecticides, which means farmers save money and increase their crops’ profit potential.

Why use Heligen®?

  • Minimize Pod Damage

    Early sprays targeting small larvae and sub-threshold pest populations ensure minimal crop loss by controlling before they reach late instars, where 80% of damage occurs.

  • Reduced Input Cost

    Using Heligen® in this way reduces crop loss and the need to spray multiple times, resulting in savings to the grower and increased profit potential.

NPV Control Progression Timeline

  • 1-3 Days After Application

    Feeding may continue,but become lethargic and more exposed to the upper canopy.

  • 4-6 Days After Application

    Feeding gradually stops and, often, sick larvae hang upside down from the leaves. Their skin bursts open, releasing billions of viral particles onto the plant canopy. These particles are effectively dispersed by wind, rain, and many arthropods, including predators that feed on the dead larvae.

Preparing To Spray

Keys to maximizing results

  • Good Coverage is Key

    The A.I. in Heligen® must be ingested by larvae to be effective. 

  • Use Rates

    1.0 to 1.6 oz/acre

  • Pest Pressure

    At 1st appearance of CEW – up to 5 small larvae per 25 sweeps

  • Spray Solution pH

    NPV can be degraded rapidly by high (alkaline) pH.

    pH levels above 8 will damage the virus, which will reduce the level of control.

    If the spray mixture pH is above 8.0, a buffer or acidifier should be added.

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